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This free template for acupuncture education brochures is available in PDF or AI format. The advantage to using these education brochures is to save money when printing. Online printers like vista print sometimes offer free templates but only if you order from THEM. These are acupuncture education card templates similar to those you can find from Our Competitors but you can save 90% or more by having them printed yourself at an online discount color printer.

My goals when creating these education cards were:

  • grab patients attention with color and graphics
  • educate patients to the simple idea that acupuncture can help!
  • reduce print costs by 80-90% (keep single sided brochures)
  • direct customers to my contact info without having to print stickers

You are free to use these templates for your private clinic. I have purchased the rights to all images from 123rf.com - however it does not include the right to resell these images. So if you are a printer using these templates for your customers you should find your own images because I don't necessarily have the rights to give you image rights to all of your customers. You'd have to check with the graphics provider 123rf.com for details. These files were created in Adobe Illustrator v.10

Buy all 15 templates for $49:

If you'd like to buy all 15 pre-designed education card templates as well as the right to print these images for your private practice, I am offering them for the low price of $39. Please make the payment through the paypal link below and I will send a download link for each of the 15 education card brochures and templates below.

Buy all 15 templates for just $39 here (AI v10, PDFv5.0) - Absolutely NO REFUNDS on electronically delivered files so check the FREE file first to be sure it works for you!!!:

Buy the complete Starter Pack (printed, personalized, shipped to your door)....

If you'd prefer not to deal with the printing done yourself, we can take care of everything and have a starter pack shipped to your office. The above 1500 brochures printed, PERSONALIZED with your address and contact information, and free shipping to your door (that's 100 each of 15 different brochures) for just $169. If you run out of education brochures in the future we offer refills of individual flyers with free shipping at $30 for 225 brochures (about 13 cents each). All of our education brochure flyers are printed on heavy 90lb index card stock.

Buy Starter-Pack of 1500 brochures printed, personalized, and delivered for just $169 here: (that's less than 11 cents per education brochure!!) You email your address (3 lines max) I will replace it and have them printed and shipped to your door. (free shipping)(turn around about 1 week)

NEW! Now Available!!! - 2 sided full color Acupuncture Marketing brochures with Coupons on back:

Front of Acupuncture Marketing Brochure:

Back of Acupuncture Marketing Brochure:

$29 - Buy both sides of the advertising brochure templates (front and back both included) Your file download links will be for .AI (Adobe Illustrator version 10) , EPS format, and .PDF format(Acrobat v5).

Or, I will customize them for your practice and ship them to your door, you email the text you want and I take care of everything for you. (note customization is changing text and foreground images, background will not change) (turn around about 1 week)

3000 1/3rd page double sided flyers, customized with your info and your own coupons, etc- and shipped to your door $249 (price includes shipping, 60 lb paper)


Questions about Ordering? Call Justin Hays, LAc


Final recommendation:

Finally I have a recommendation for an inexpensive 1/3rd page brochure card holder:

order a 16 card holder display for $56 from Amazon.com - free delivery